Prospect College was founded in 1956 by the late British Baronet, Sir Harold Mitchell, a former Vice Chairman of Britain's Conservative Party and for many years a generous friend of Jamaica. It is situated on a large estate known as Prospect Plantation situated in Western St. Mary and near to the tourist resort town of Ocho Rios.

Prospect College is a semi-military institution and is the only one of its kind in Jamaica. Each boy admitted becomes a cadet. It provides an experience that is unique as the exposure to semi-military training makes the cadets good candidates for the Jamaica Defence Force and the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Prospect College students also become proficient in the use of computers and many go on to careers in the army, police, tourism industry and other areas.

Enrollment has grown from 3 boys in 1956 to 30 since 1987. The College is fully funded by the Mitchell-Green Family and the boys are admitted on full scholarship; no fees are payable and the boys must live on campus. Besides the academics, two major areas of emphasis are strict discipline and the encouragement of self-reliance.

Discipline extends well beyond good behaviour as the boys are trained to practice good study and work habits, work to schedules and show respect for authority and institutions. The day to day administration of the College is in the hands of the principal. He is assisted by a House Master, Band Master and four cadet officers.

The academic programe is executed by a staff of highly trained teachers, most of them on a part time basis. Examination results compare favourably with those of any good high school in Jamaica. A number of our graduates now move on to tertiary level education.

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